HM200 Ecoline Enzed Package

HM200 Ecoline Enzed Package
HM200 Ecoline Enzed Package

Product Name:

HM200 Ecoline Enzed Pack

Product Description:

  • This HM200 ecoline package has been packaged specifically for the DS8 replacement programme and meet the 15 dies recommendation for Enzed franchises.
  • This model is really aimed at the 1 ¼” hose market  and below in both straight and elbow fittings but is capable of 1 ½” in 2SN or 4SP providing the crimping force required does not exceed 130 tonne.
  • The machine comes with 15 die sets  but there is a good range of optional extra dies available  which go down to 6.8mm and up to 62mm.
  • Crimping diameter is set with a micrometer and limit switch assuring accurate repeatable crimping.
  • All Uniflex crimpers have “ grease free dies technology”  for reduced frictional losses and long life.

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